Glue Thread Splicing Machine Z2000

8 October 2021by netorange


This model is specially designed for the users requiring high production and considerable working speed also when using difficult materials. This result can be reached thanks to the complete range of adjustments on the standard machine:

The machine is supplied with one thread spool, tweezers, needles and antiadhesive liquid product.

giuntatrice a filo casati macchine
giuntatrice a filo casati macchine


It has a wide range of adjustments with the possibility of:

• stepless change of feed speed from 10 to 50 m/min
• stepless change of heater oscillation angular speed, independent of the linear feeding speed
• accurate adjustment of the feeding friction pressure
• adjustment of the starting point and stop point
• thread heating by electric resistance
• amperometer on the control panel for an accurate adjustment of the heating temperature
• zig-zag height adjustment
• automatic breaking of the thread
• all functions are operated on the control panel.


The QUALITY of the wooden product for furnishing is judged by the dress, that is, by the covering in jointed veneer slabs. In the production of cabinets, panels, doors, the perfect trimming of the veneer slabs and the subsequent perfect jointing are fundamental operations.

CASATI MACCHINE makes available to users, who set the goal of QUALITY, decades of experience in the production of thermo-adhesive wire cutters and splicers for companies of all sizes.

Tecnical featuresTecnical features

Dati Tecnici
Technical data
Z 650Z 650/iZ 1000 Z 2000
Arm length
Spessore impiallacciatura
Veneer thickness
Velocità avanzamento
Feeding speed
Potenza totale allacciata
Total installed power
Consumo aria compressa
Compressed air consumption
Pressione esercizio aria compressa
Compressed air exercise pressure
Overall dimensions
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