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Company for more than 70 years.Casati

We have been manufacturing woodworking machinery for more than 70 years.

During these years and due to the participation of three generations of our family we have diversified strategies and projects so to obtain the global satisfaction of our customers.

For reaching this result, we have always aimed at a continuous technological updating, at the constant co-operation with highly specialised technicians and skilled workers and at the close and stable co-operation over a long period with excellent suppliers, always facing the particular requirements coming from our customers.

Our industrial company is able to offer long experience and advanced products which are exported all over the world in the field of veneer-working machinery and of equipment for hardware fitting to furniture components.

We have the first old factory in Rescaldina and the new premises located in Marnate (Varese), a total of 6.000 square meters of floor space on an open surface of 12.000 square meters. In this new modern factory all the machines, that are included in our above product range, are entirely manufactured by us.

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Our product range includes

01Veneer pack guillotine shears

We have the most complete range of cross cutting guillotines and veneer pack jointing guillotines, because we can offer both simple machines for artisan companies and electronically controlled two-blade cutters for large production, with useful cutting lengths from 600 mm to 4400 mm.The circular saws for Veneer Packs with milling unit for the fine cut are manufactured by us, too.

02Circular saws for veneer

A further important feature of our offer of machines is the full range that we can give among the Veneer Pack Guillotines, because we can supply machines starting from the simple guillotine for small joineries till the double knife guillotines with electronic control for the high production of big industries.We can offer many cutting lengths and optionals.

03Splicing Machines

The same possibility is given to our Customers among the Veneer Splicing Machines, where we manufacture the whole range starting fromthe small Bench Veneer Splicing Machines with glue thread for small production till the high speed joining machines for industrial production and up to the Butt Joining Machines with integrated glueing device.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have and we will be pleased to give you further information and to explain the advantage to work with our machinery.

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