Double cross-cutting and squaring veneer pack guillotine shear – BIT

8 October 2021by netorange


This machine allows the simultaneous cross-cutting on both veneer pack sides and automatic measuring of veneer pack length. Accordingly programmed, it allows obtaining a series of packs having a submultiple length or the original one.

The machine consists of two Guillotines: one fixed, at the end of the table, whilst the second guillotine can move automatically all the table long. Electronic measuring devices and a point-to-point N.C. allow to read the guillotine movements and to program the positioning of the same. Both Guillotines are equipped with laser device, cross directed, as cutting edge light. A full stock of safety photocells avoids any approach to the machine during the cutting operation.

taglierina intestatrice bit
taglierina intestatrice bit

Mode of operation:Mode of operation

Semiautomatic: the mobile guillotine is operated the control poanel and the cutting position can be chosen thanks to the laser device or reading on the read-out the distance between mobile guillotine and fixed one.

Automatic: by simply inserting the cutting distance of the two guillotines, automatically the mobile guillotine will be positioning and both guillotines will execute the cutting at the same time.

Automatic with stored programs: inserted programs contain series of movements of the mobile guillotine and cuttings in order to obtain, from the original pack, several smaller packs, perfectly squared.


Thanks to the original constructive features and the advanced electronic control systems, the machine will allow more than 50% time reduction in measuring and cross-cutting operation, in comparison with the traditional systems.
It assures a great accuracy as regards the cutting lengths, especially when reducing veneer packs to submultiple.
Thanks to our machine, moving of material can be avoided, thus permitting the engagement of one only orerator, instead of two.
Perfect squared veneer packs are obtained.


– Two laser devices for the longitudinal scanning of the veneer pck, then the instructions are sent automatically to the electronic programming system of the two knives guillotine, for the automatic perfect cut at the programmed width.
– Electronic programming systems with custommade functions, according to user’s requirements.

Tecnical featuresTecnical features

Caratteristiche TecnicheBIT 900/4000BIT 1050/4000
Lunghezza utile di taglio trasversale
Cross-cutting useful length
Lunghezza massima del pacco da intestare
Max. length of the veneer pack
Lunghezza minima del pacco da intestare
Min. length of the veneer pack
Apertura pressore
Insertion height
Potenza totale installata
Total installed power
kw (HP)8,2 (11)8,2 (11)
Pressione d'esercito aria compressa
Compressed air pressure
mPa (bar)0,6÷0,8 (6÷8)0,6÷0,8 (6÷8)
Consumo aria compressa per ciclo
Compressed air consumption per cycle
Noise level
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